Dice Game


I first read about this game in Ian Stewart's book "The Cow Maze" and immediately thought it had potential as an arduino project. The idea is that it is a game involving a dice, but with no random element of luck. In this game the top number on the dice is used to indicate by how much a number, or heap as I call it, should be reduced. The winner is the first to reduce it to exactly zero, or get the opponent to overshoot zero. What makes this into a game of skill is that, on any turn, the only numbers you can't use are the number already shown on the top of the dice, and the number the dice is resting on. There was a complete analysis of the game published in this book, so it looked like an ideal candidate for a computer verses human game.

The Dice Game

Internal Wiring

Finished unit


Playing with dice but needing no luck

By Mike Cook





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