Mike’s Mac Apps

I have been programming Macintosh computers on an off since they first came out back in 1984. Unfortunately more off than on. Although I am. strictly speaking, a hardware guy, man cannot live by hardware alone. and so I am compelled occasionally to write some applications. Here are some I have been producing over the last year or so.

Movie Calculator - A simple four function calculator with a dual display, one as a conventional decimal value and the other in seconds and frames. So say you are making a movie and have 6 stills to fit into 10 seconds of video how long do you give each image, With movie calculator you can work it out. It is configurable for several different frame rates.

- A very simple application for producing coloured patterns or printouts for colouring in yourself. Where ever you click the window is divide into four and set to a colour. The space created can be set to contain a number of different shapes. The more clicks the more complex is the result.

- Turn your camera into a Kaleidoscope with this less than serious application

The following will not work with Leopard they are Tiger only applications.

Wii Kaleido Cam - Very similar to the above but use the Wii remote to control colour, video effects and the reflection points.

Wii Bottle - A very silly pointless game where you use the Wii remote to simulate the application of tomato sauce to food.

Bells - An application to generate a peel of bells as a MIDI steam, this can be converted into sound by Garage Band.




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