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Welcome to theBox - Mike Cook’s website, that’s me.

I can offer help, instruction, entertainment and advice on all things electronic. I am freelance consultant / writer with a passion for what I do. Your bridge between art and science.

Do you want me to give a talk or lecture?

Do you wan me to run a workshop?

Do you need some software writing?

Do you want me to write about technology?

Do you want to collaborate on an art installation?

Do you want to see some of the projects I have done?

Do you want me to provide technical support for an installation?

If it’s any of these this is the right place, if none of them then contact me and ask anyway.




Stereoscopic Photography - How 3D works and how to do it yourself

Software Applications - For the Mac & Processing

Hardware Projects - Some projects I have made - you can make them too

School Box- Writing on electronic principles

Work Box - Writing on some aspects of electronic interfacing

Raspberry Punnet -    A box for Raspberry Pi projects, hints and thoughts

Music Box - I go to gigs - here are just some I have been to.

Me Box - A quick tour round my CV