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This software is free to use and no warranty is given as to what it may or may not do. However, I still claim copyright on it, see conditions in the help file.

This is where you can get hold of Macintosh software to align merge and adjust the colour balance of a pair of stereoscopic images. Similar software is available for Windows but not much is available for the Macintosh, which is why I wrote this application.

The software is simple to use, just drag the left and right images to the thumb nail view and the two images will be displayed in the anaglyph form. This will allow you to align them correctly and apply any colour correction. There are two sets of colour correction, the first set refers to the right image which should in theory be all green and blue and no red. However, slightly better results can be obtained if there is a little red and the blue is slightly suppressed. As this depends on the picture’s contents you can adjust this for each individual picture. The second set of adjustments applies to the merged images of the anaglyph output only. Colour adjustments for image pairs may be applied by separate applications and as there are two images in the same picture the processing applied to each will be identical. Don’t apply any image adjustment before you combine them.

Alignment is important for the final effect. The point where the details of the two images are exactly aligned defines the point in the depth field that will be the plane of the screen. Anything behind that point ill appear to be behind the screen and anything in front of it will appear to be protruding from the screen. The best results are obtained where protruding objects are not cut off by the frame of the image, if they are then it is a case of conflicting clues and it is uncomfortable to view. The final image is cropped to include only those areas that overlap and can be saved as an anaglyph or image pair as shown below.

Image Pair