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The rest of the web is full of pages describing how you can take 3D photographs so why have another one? Well two reasons really, this is my site not someone else's, and very few sites mention a Macintosh, which is odd seeing how it’s the computer that is supposed to be for creative artistic people. So let’s start with a brief introduction as to what makes a stereoscopic photograph and how we can make one.

Stereoscopic vision can be perceived by about 95% of the population and there are various cues that force the brain into perceiving depth. The more cue there are the better is the sense of depth. If cues contradict each other then the brain gives up and illusion of depth is shattered. In a normal two dimensional photograph the big objects are the ones closest to the viewer and the frame of the picture limits the view. This is good enough to look realistic, and we all learn to perceive depth in childhood by bringing our expectations of the world, as to the relative size of things, subconsciously into play. Let’s see how we can trick the brain some more to heighten this illusion.


This site is designed to show you how to start producing 3D stereographic photographs on your Macintosh OSX


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