Arduino Workshop

Its not fully fledged projects, but techniques and experiments to help you learn and play.


These pages look to explore techniques in electronics and interfacing to help those exploring the world of electronics and embedded processors. It is geared towards users of the Arduino, but is applicable to all electronics systems. These are not complete constructional projects, for that look here. Rather, these are tips, techniques and experiments that I hope will be useful in constructing your own projects or furthering your understanding in electronics. The Tutorial pages cover topics from a theoretical or calculation point of view, where as here the emphasis is on more practical work. From this page you can access the following topics:-


LED Sensing    - LEDs can be used as a light sensor as well as an emitter.

Motors 1            - Driving DC motors from you computer or embedded processor, using relays.

Motors 2           - Driving DC motors using a motor drive IC.

Motors 3           - Driving a four pole or unipolar stepping motors.

Motors 4           - Driving a bipolar or wave stepping motor.

Rotary Max      - Getting the maximum resolution out of you optical shaft encoder.

LED Matrix      - Driving an LED matrix.

Arduino Workshop


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